Cash Expenses

Track Daily Expenses

Use this app to monitor your personal spending habits.

Main screen

Capture Receipts

Store your receipts with your expense.

Photo receipt

Control Your Data

All your expense data is saved on your phone. No limits to how many entries on your own phone. No sign up required. No Internet connection required. Ad free.


Export Your Data1

Your expense database can be exported to CSV (Comma Separated Value) for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Depending on platform, you can also export to Quicken format (QIF).

Pie chart

Colour Theme

Each month's expenses are shown in different colours.

Sync Phones Together2

You can create an account2 to share your cash expense database on multiple phones. With an account, your expense data is saved on the cloud.

Green cloud

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1. Export to CSV may be offered as an in-app purchase

2. Sync between phones requires an in-app purchase